Monday, October 6, 2008

work late / working later

The advantage of working a little late is that the view gets incredibly beautiful as the sun goes down. This is my view (of course with an iphone the capture is not grand). Our office is 18 stories up and all windows – if you walked the entire office you would get a view 180 degree view of downtown Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain and all in between. / more photo editing tonight after i finish my drawing


ELK said...

leslye that is a stunning view and to see 18o degrees ~ I would call that a real job perk...

robin bird said...

i think that is an awesome iPhone photo! good click! and i would love to have that view from my office...although that isn't really possible. i am in a victorian house on the first floor. i used to have a view of leaf shadows that danced across my room all day but a building was erected too close to the window and now it is mostly lost :(

spread your wings said...

yes it's really quite nice to watch the sky change every day - pictures in the clouds, lightening strikes, rainbows, colorful sunsets, etc. Around November the sunsets are very impressive.
Robin Bird the victorian house with the dancing shadows sounds every bit as wonderful - so sad that the building structure took that away.


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