Sunday, August 29, 2010

sea creature / land creature

L - iphone / T - phone pic

August Break 15

Today was a great day. I met my cousin in Watkinsville to go to the Annual Pottery show -50 potters displaying and selling their work. There were so many wonderful pieces there that I coveted. Then we had a nice lunch and drove to Athens to meet T. She took us to see an exhibit of Edward Curtis' - Native American Indian photography - a beautiful collection his work from the book Shadow Catcher. She also gave us a tour of the art building - there were giant paper mache sculptures of safari animals, huge portraits in charcoal, elaborate color wheels, and 3-D wood sculptures. This one of the seahorse is made out of toothpicks. / mom and my second cousin came to visit so i sort of played hostess of athens. i took them a photography exhibit and to the art building and then to the local coffee joint called jittery joes. we were sitting outside on vintage metal glider chairs in the shade and this little guy came up and surprised me. after my initial skittishness and my cousin informed me that this little guy was harmless - then i wanted to try to pet him. i guess i stressed him out by trying to catch him because his chest pumped up all pink. sure wish i had gotten that shot - against that bright orange chair it would have been cool.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

glasses / see-through window

L - iphone / T- phone pic

August Break 14

umm... I have no words... it's what we saw... it's all we had today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

daisy / fresh

L - Nikon / T - Nikon

August Break 13

"Fresh as a daisy". There is something about the simplicity of a daisy - they're just so bright and cheerful. I'm sad that these are the last of the season in my garden. / i straighten up my place because dad was coming to visit. unfortunately i can't keep this coverlet on my couch because bunny has nails.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

prismacolor / sharpie color

L - Nikon / T - Canon

August Break 12

We both submitted our designs for the Dolphin Parade and are anxiously waiting to hear back. A celebration for the opening of the new dolphin exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium will feature 5' dolphin fiberglass sculptures painted by artists. We're hoping at least on of our designs will be chosen.
I rendered my design with Prismacolor pencils /i did mine with sharpies.

Funny, these photos were not shot in collaboration for this post but were taken randomly. I just thought they fit together.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the unknown / new territory

L - iphone / T - Nikon

August Break 11

Today I explored a new world - an unfamiliar world - one of total darkness – as if a blind person. Dialog in the Dark is an exhibit in Atlanta - an experience set up to awaken the senses, challenge our prejudices, and deepen self-awareness. A blind person guided us through the exhibit giving us the experience and sensation of different environments - walking through the park, into a city, a food market and a boat ride with only our guide stick and her voice to direct us. It was interesting to try to figure out where we were based on what we could hear, feel and smell around us. I found it very difficult to get around in the dark and was relieved to be in the light once again. If you get to opportunity to go to this exhibit I recommend it. It will certainly give you a new appreciation for what the vision impaired live with every day. / i changed my major. a couple days before class started i came to a realization that the photography major just wasn't were i needed to be... at uga anyway. i have changed it to art history. this will be new territory for me - taking a course-load entirely of academic classes. i'm used to a balance of studio classes mixed with other studies, but i'm excited to take the leap.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

dappled /speck

L - iphone / T - Nikon

August break 10

Sunday, August 15, 2010

rock / candy

L - Nikon / T - Canon & L - iphone

August Break 9

I did something different with our post tonight. Taylor sent me a photo of the candy feathers she bought at a souvenir shop at Niagara Falls and I 'photoshopped' it together with a photo I took at work of a bowl full of chocolate "rock" candy she bought me. These "rocks" really fooled people at work - good way to keep people from eating your candy. haha
(I think I may have confused some people - in my head it made sense. Just to clarify: the top photo is a real feather on rock pebbles. I wanted to contrast it with the photo on the bottom which is candy feathers and candy rocks. sorry for the confusion)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bright colors / colored bottles

L - iphone / T - Nikon

August Break 8

I was in a bright colored mood today. / i collect bottles. i have too many for my apartment.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

kitty in Atlanta / kitty in Athens

L - Nikon / T - Nikon

August Break 7

I think Kodi is somewhat lonely without Bunny picking on her, but she's fattening back up a little. / bunny is crazed... out of boredom? i had to go buy her some toys.

Monday, August 9, 2010

gooey / goodness

L- iphone / T - Canon

August Break 6

I was over at my parents house the other day - I stole some cookies from the cookie jar - homemade soft ginger cookies, fresh-baked - by my dad. At home I put a marshmallow between two and microwaved it for a few seconds - delicious gooey delight. / old standby when funds are low.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

slow / fast

L - iphone / T - Nikon

it's Sunday and i take it slow / she goes fast.
(yes, on the weekends I get in a couple of hammock naps)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

by day / by night

L - iphone / T - phone pic

i enjoy a relaxing hammock nap / she enjoys a local music festival with friends.

Friday, August 6, 2010

package / post

L, Nikon / T - Nikon

August Break 3

true to August Break - no words required, right?

I'm also participating in August Break on my AutumnSun blog.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a view from the window / a window view

L, Nikon / T, Nikon

Bunny hears Taylor drive up. She doesn't know yet that she will have a new home soon. Will she miss Kodi? Will Kodi miss her? I think Kodi will be glad to be able to eat ALL of her food for a change.
See that book on the table? Taylor and I found it at a flea market in Canada. There were a few pages in it that Taylor thought would make nice pieces to frame. The book is titled "Happy Hours in the Little People's World" - New & Old Jingles & Stories / Prettily Pictured. There's an inscription in the front of the book that says, "Presented to Lawrence Hartman for attendance during the school term 1889-1890, by his teacher August Barries." It was a great find but it's very old and delicate and will need special care. Below is one of the prints that Taylor wants to frame. I think it will look nice hanging above her white bird cage piece she got from Elizabeth. / the weekend was busy - spent moving out of the old and into the new. now I'm back home again to pick up a few more things... and my kitty. it will feel legit - like a home - when bunny is there.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

seashore / thriftstore

solo post - L, Nikon / iphone

You don't always find what you're looking for... but sometimes you do. I was looking for jewels by the sea - she found a jewel of a seat. She's hoping her dad will pick it up for her next time he drives down to Pensacola. I have to admit, it is a unique piece. It's a sleeper too - just $50.


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