Sunday, August 22, 2010

the unknown / new territory

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August Break 11

Today I explored a new world - an unfamiliar world - one of total darkness – as if a blind person. Dialog in the Dark is an exhibit in Atlanta - an experience set up to awaken the senses, challenge our prejudices, and deepen self-awareness. A blind person guided us through the exhibit giving us the experience and sensation of different environments - walking through the park, into a city, a food market and a boat ride with only our guide stick and her voice to direct us. It was interesting to try to figure out where we were based on what we could hear, feel and smell around us. I found it very difficult to get around in the dark and was relieved to be in the light once again. If you get to opportunity to go to this exhibit I recommend it. It will certainly give you a new appreciation for what the vision impaired live with every day. / i changed my major. a couple days before class started i came to a realization that the photography major just wasn't were i needed to be... at uga anyway. i have changed it to art history. this will be new territory for me - taking a course-load entirely of academic classes. i'm used to a balance of studio classes mixed with other studies, but i'm excited to take the leap.


ELK said...

wow this is a really insightful post from you both ...Taylor good luck my dear ...big changes!!

Line said...

what a great post on changes, good luck to your daughter!!

Gayle said...

What an interesting exhibit.

T - good luck and have fun in your new territory!

smith kaich jones said...

moving into the unknown . . . i was almost an art history major. came this close to changing it because i enjoyed the writing so much, as much as the art. i shoulda paid attention and gone with the change. you will love it.

:) Debi


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