Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bright colors / colored bottles

L - iphone / T - Nikon

August Break 8

I was in a bright colored mood today. / i collect bottles. i have too many for my apartment.


kath said...

Margie wants to make a bottle tree, I collect brightly coloured bottles for her. Is it weird that I peered closely at the photo of the book to see if I recognized which book it is? Probably ;-)

Char said...

you know i have a weakness for the colored glass.

the book looks enjoyed

Woman in a Window said...

Never too much colour.

Is it true that your life is this beautiful? This is what strikes me coming 'round to see you - that your life is absolutely beautful. Where's your dust?


Relyn said...

Whatcha readin'?

beth said...

you can't have too many collected/vintage bottles :)

didn't you know ?

ELK said...

i put mine out in my bottles mostly...your collection is so pretty

smith kaich jones said...

LOL! we all have this need, this curiousity, to know what book that is. these are wonderful images, absolutely happy looking.



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