Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a view from the window / a window view

L, Nikon / T, Nikon

Bunny hears Taylor drive up. She doesn't know yet that she will have a new home soon. Will she miss Kodi? Will Kodi miss her? I think Kodi will be glad to be able to eat ALL of her food for a change.
See that book on the table? Taylor and I found it at a flea market in Canada. There were a few pages in it that Taylor thought would make nice pieces to frame. The book is titled "Happy Hours in the Little People's World" - New & Old Jingles & Stories / Prettily Pictured. There's an inscription in the front of the book that says, "Presented to Lawrence Hartman for attendance during the school term 1889-1890, by his teacher August Barries." It was a great find but it's very old and delicate and will need special care. Below is one of the prints that Taylor wants to frame. I think it will look nice hanging above her white bird cage piece she got from Elizabeth. / the weekend was busy - spent moving out of the old and into the new. now I'm back home again to pick up a few more things... and my kitty. it will feel legit - like a home - when bunny is there.


ELK said...

sigh .. the sweet kitten is waiting and so is that amazing book of prints for a frame of two...you will make it home I know!!

S. Etole said...

classic home ... speaks of peace

Jewels said...

Love that book and the pic of the kitty is so sweet!!!

Gayle said...

These images are great. What a cool find that book is!

Relyn said...

I tell you, that book cover caught my eye right of the bat. Great score.

Line said...

what a sweet cat!!


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