Wednesday, October 15, 2008

we got in

I'm excited but somewhat anxious - Taylor and I were accepted in to the I.C.E festival and will be sharing a booth. Taylor's the one who has the experience in festival shows, but this year I decided to join her. We better get busy - the show is in one month. I'm anxious for this show because I just opened an etsy site and have had little, to no, response to it. Will my work sell? All I can do is try - and I'm excited about that. / i'm worried that i won't have time to prepare for this


Lemon Dingo said...

Congratulations....that is very exciting for you. I'm sure if you just relax and treat it like a learning curve it will be a great experience. And as far as your etsy store goes...success comes slowly. You just have to hang in there, be patient and believe in yourself!

Relyn said...

YEAH for you both!!!!!!!!!!! You will be wonderful.

L ~ Please don't get discouraged about Etsy. Your site is like a new baby. It will take a while before it can walk on its own. Your work is incredible. In fact, I gasped when I saw this hydrangea and the first thing I said was, "I must have this!"

Relyn said...

I just checked your Etsy shop. Are you going to add your hydrangea? Please say yes.

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Your etsy shop looks great!!
You are going to make it!

Elizabeth Harper said...

Congratulations...I think your work is lovely. I particularly like the one with the bird.

I'll be in town on the 15th...I'll try come by the the festival and say hello.

Thank you too for what you said about my writing yesterday. It made me smile.

ELK said...

good morning to a beautiful image from you both ~ I hope that this day is calm for you both and one filled with beauty like your photos!

spread your wings said...

Thank all of you for the words of encouragement.

robin bird said...

oh congratulation XOXOX!! that is a beauty of a hydrangea piece Leslye!!!!! try not to worry too much. both of you do beautiful work. it can happen in an instant. the recognition and subsequent sales happen and you never know exactly how it happened or from where it came from. it is part of the thrill!
truly your work is very lovely :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

So cool that I can actually say this, but I recognize that statue! TOTALLY.....I saw it when we went to Atlanta for my birthday. She's so pretty, especially when she's bathed in the golden light prior to the day's end.

L: I love that hydrangea shot! Superb.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I just adore this duo pic. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and it pairs so nicely with the white statue.
If your on flickr I have a group called 2 girls, 2 clicks. Would love for you both to join and add your lovely dips.


PCarriker said...

How wonderful! Not to worry about etsy, it takes awhile. Thank you so much for visiting my blog:-) I love the idea behind yours. I am experiencing mixed feelings with one son just joined the service, and a senior that will be going to college next year.


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