Friday, October 24, 2008

past / present

her old room at home / new room at home
I was at a loss for anything to post tonight.
Taylor is home for the weekend and it feels so nice. She keeps walking around saying "this is so weird. Ah, a shower with water pressure and I don't have to wear shower shoes; a refrigerator to open with snacks in it, comfy couch and a fire in the fireplace, my pets to pet. So I think she means that it's weird in a good way.
One thing that IS really weird for her is the fact that I re-did her room. I debated whether or not to do it but I kinda had this urge after I had refreshed the bathroom. She had taken many of the key elements in her room with her to college so her room looked like it was missing "her" - gone was the bright pink painted floor lamp skeleton that she bought at a garage sale and used for a hat and purse rack; gone was the pink lamp and bright pillows and there sat a bold purple comforter (purple became her favorite color when she was 16) that just wasn't fitting in with the rest of the house without her to sleep on it. SO I did a little refresh to it as well. She likes it but said it was very strange walking in to her room, after 2 months, and it being so different.
When I look back at this old photo of her room (a 14yr olds room) it makes me kinda sad but things change. She now has the things she loves in her dorm room and loves her space there - that is her home for now and she is just visiting me. weird.


maz said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog. A great way to bring mother and daughter together- I may have to mention it to my mother! Lovely thoughts and photos...thanks for sharing:)

ELK said...

I like both rooms ~so different and it mirrors this journey the two of you are on ~ I feel your thoughts about her returning "home" as a mom and I have heard the same words of wonderment from my college kiddo it is like they are seeing the place through different eyes! the "just visiting" part is the hardest to wrap your mind around.

enjoy the time together and know that the path you are on is well worn by others as well ~blessings

Stardust said...

Firstly, I thought ' spread your wings ' is lovely.

What a unique blog this is, takes a lot of love between the mother and child in order to maintain this, I suppose. I'm so envious. =)

I can't agree more when you say it's ' weird '. I couldn't feel more weird whenever I'm back at my parents' place, I'm like a complete misfit. LOL! Hmm... let's not forget that things are always changing for the better.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope that both of you are enjoying some precious time together.

Anonymous said...

Hello, so good to meet you and thank you for leaving me a comment at sweetmyrtle. I love both your etsy shops and i can see your love of all things leafy.
When life changes and moves on we often feel nostalgic for what has gone before... thank goodness for memories and photos(love her room) My children are much younger but at each new step i unravel those apron strings just a little and observe how they develop and blossom. I think one of the best gifts that we can give our children is the confidence and security to be independant and happy and to 'spread their wings' and continue their journey.
with warm wishes to you both.x

Relyn said...

I remember feathering my first nest - my college dorm. My Mom and I had so much fun shopping for it. I think I was the only college freshman with real china dishes to eat from. Oh, lovely, lovely days.


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