Tuesday, October 14, 2008

before work / after class

Some days it's just hard to go to work when there are so many fun things you'd rather do at home. My creative juices were really flowing this weekend and it was so invigorating to me. I came up with more ideas for my etsy site and potential craft show in November and I didn't want to stop. So when Monday came around it sort of broke my momentum. Now it's Tuesday and I'm trying to get it back. Don't you just hate it when that happens? / afternoon break. it was supposed to be picnic day, but that fell through so i enjoyed a break at the local coffee shop and got some english reading done.


robin-bird said...

the art you have in your shop so far is beautiful...i hope you can find a way to hold your stride.

Elizabeth Harper said...

I do hate it when that happens...I have had the ability to squirrel myself away for several weeks at a time in the past working on creative projects becoming quite the hermit. It can be a lovely state of being at times.

I really look forward to seeing your new post each day.

My daughter is just about to graduate from VA Tech and is very good with a camera although not quite as passionate as I am about photography. I wish we had done something like this when she left for school. It's a great idea!

ELK said...

the creaminess and browns in each picture pop out ~ blessings this day

Anonymous said...

Super cute pillow in the left pic! I love seeing slices into your mother/daughter life.
Yes, the "break" is very hard. Like you I tend to have tunnel vision when creating.

P.S Off to check out your shop!


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