Thursday, October 9, 2008

best friend / best friends

"Love Thursday" post prompted by Shutter Sisters. I decided I would post photos of friends on our blog tonight and as I was searching for my photo, I got an email from the very friend I was thinking of. And she had some bad news. Instead of being in Jamaica celebrating her son's wedding, she was taking him in for emergency surgery. He's going to be fine though. We have been friends for about 14 years. She's moved around quite a bit but is finally back in Atlanta. I'm so glad to have her close again. Our favorite thing to do together is spend a couple hours in a bookstore browsing the craft books, drinking coffee and talking about our children. This is one friend who needed a hug today. / best friends for 3 years. a brunette, a redhead and a blonde. 3 distinct personalities mix and make one great friendship. i can't wait until we're all together again. i guess thanksgiving is not that far away.


ELK said...

thanks for sharing your life in these beautiful smiles ~ neat how your friend emailed just as you were thinking of her!

Taylor I have a redhead who does not like to hear this a lot...but I'm a mom so I can just say it.."Your hair is so pretty!"

Mary said...

ah, such sweet photos! a lovely celebration of friendship. :)

spread your wings said...

elk, thank you. - taylor


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