Sunday, October 12, 2008

piles of orange / piles of purple

Looks like we both had chores - crazy again - the similaritiesAs I was sweeping the deck of all those poplar leaves, I thought of the poem Taylor wrote about that poplar tree when we built this house. She was 10 yrs old and the builders wanted to cut down this huge poplar tree, she was so upset about it that we didn't cut it down.
She won't like me posting the poem but I'm going to anyway.

The Old Poplar Tree & Jesus
The Old Poplar Tree standing so beautiful and bold
The wind whips through its leaves
It stands out among all the rest
It surely is the best
When I see it standing so tall and bold
It makes me want to hold it in my heart
When I see it standing so majestically
It makes me want to be like it too
And when the other trees complain about
being whipped around by the wind
The Old Poplar Tree stands tall and bold
but never boasts
It also shelters many things

To me the Old Poplar Tree reminds me of Jesus
Jesus stands out among the rest
He really is the best
When I think of Him so bold and true
It makes me want to be like Him too, so I do
When I see Him so majestically
It makes me want hold him in my heart, so I do
And when some other people complain
Jesus stands tall but never boasts
Jesus shelters many things

written 4/22/2000

/ it's pretty ridiculous how much of my laundry load is dominated by purple. well, for that matter my closet as well.


ELK said...

love poplar poem!! love purple !!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Thank you for the beautiful post, I enjoyed the poem very much...I can relate!

Anonymous said...

Plum and orange is a GREAT color combo. Taylor is a talented poet! I heart little kids poetry.


robin bird said...

how funny that you each did this... or was that part of the planned post..."piles of things"? oh i hope se doesn't mind the poem too much. 10 years old and so wise and so in love with nature. it is a wonderful thing :)

spread your wings said...

robin bird, no we didn't plan the "piles". It's just amazing when that sort of thing happens.
i have always cherished that poem. when we built the house every one thought that tree needed to be cut down - it was too close to the house, it was huge and hollowed out, feared it would someday fall on the house. that was 8 years ago and it still "stands tall". We love to watch the family of squirrels that live in it. Each year the babies play, running up and down the tree, while the mother squirrel watches, peeking out from the little hole.


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