Wednesday, October 22, 2008

surroundings / around me

soul aperture was given an assignment in her photography class to capture her surroundings so I thought I would do the same - photograph those special corners in my home - I have many of them. I tend to collect silly little things, or at least things that may seem silly to others. This little corner... / today we had to draw a non-human living thing. i chose an old knotted tree.


Relyn said...

Oh! I love your corner. AND. I'm gonna capture some of mine.

photoexercise said...

What a nice couple, these two! A real spirit of autumn, actually - esp. the acorns, and melancholy look of the B&W photograph, but also the texture of knotted tree. Thank you for the daily inspiration of your blog, and for encouraging ours! We will try to keep going, but sometimes lack the discipline... It's very nice to know that you still come and have a look though, and we always check yours too, even when we don't comment!

Elizabeth Harper said...

That is a great idea! I'm going to try it too. I'll link back to you when I do.

I love that picture of you.

The watch reminds me of passing time...tic, tic, tic, like little heartbeats. Because I tend to think I'll run out of " life time" and not get everything done, I get obsessed with looking at a watch too often when it's on my wrist.

I stopped wearing one about ten years ago and not surprisingly its one of the first things I notice about your photograph.

Did you do it with intention?
Athens is a lovely place to make art.

I used to enjoy the solitude of the old graveyard near the art building.

I would sit on an old bench tucked up under the shade of one of the leafy hardwoods that sheltered both me and the weathered headstones. I used to think about of how much history had passed by as these same trees stood witness.

The stories I imagined they could tell to one willing to listen...I would daydream and drift until sometimes I wasn't sure whether it was my imagination or the whisper of the trees that gave me the stories I wrote during that time.

I hope you're enjoying the experience.

ELK said...

love love trees drawn knotted and knarled and the black and white photo of you Leslye

Christina said...

These are beautiful little corners. OMGoodness! They look so comfy, I want to come visit you both and stay a while. Wink. : )

PS: I think I am in love with the "old knotted tree"

Lemon Dingo said...

The drawing of the knotted tree is's almost like I can see human traits in it.

Anonymous said...

I like your little corners. and the knotted tree. Thanks for the inspiration!

J and Z said...

beautiful corner....I have a little collection of acorn caps..and little rocks....and little pieces of metal I find on walks....funny how many of us have these little things in common!! Love you knotty tree and your shoes are really fab!

Nice to meet you, thanks for popping in to visit me, I'll come back and visit you again!!


Kath said...

The little charms that collect in corners are often true reflections of what we find most beautiful. These photos are beautiful


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