Saturday, October 11, 2008

golden / glowing

I am itching to go on a "photo adventure" with Taylor so badly I can hardly stand it. Adventures just aren't the same alone. We had the best times on these treks of ours, looking for the perfect locations for whatever idea she had in her head at the time. Last year the river park is where we found the tall grasses and brush she was looking for. Well today, she would have loved the fields of goldenrod. So I stopped and took a few iphone pics and picked some to bring home - to place on the table and also to scan in for my nature project I have going on.
By the way, I don't know what to call my etsy art work. It's not photography, and scans just sound wrong. Is it mixed media - nature and textures mixed together in photoshop? Any ideas? / mom, sorry for pulling from last year again. this is the same weekend as the one you pulled from yesterday. we had the best campfires out back, remember? i'm so ready for campfire weather.


ELK said...

up late (for me) are'nt pears fun to shoot? I took a photo similar to that one and am going to use it soon...

sounds like the adventures were fun ~ what great memories for is hard to have her away I know~

Linda said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. I think what you and your daughter are doing is just the most amazing idea.Please keep in touch and join in with us sometime.
Love Linda

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

It's called scanography!

I think you've got some great stuff :o)


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