Friday, October 17, 2008

down low / up high

I saw these tiny little mushrooms poking through the ground yesterday and planned to use the image in my post today. Then when Taylor sent me hers I was like "oh. hmm.". I've been looking at the pair for a while and was thinking, oh well sometimes you luck out and sometimes not. I couldn't see any connection in the two, except the colors, which I actually thought was pretty cool. But I now see there is contrast - I shot down low and she shot up high. And there is similarity - a little mushroom is crowded, being held down by the leaf, and in her closet, it's so crowded the shoes are held in place by the top shelf.
Oh well, it's Friday and I have nothing much to say except, have a wonderful weekend everyone / dorm living is kinda crowded


robin bird said...

an artists eyes sees these little gifts of connection :)
thank you leslye for your very lovely comment tonight :) your 50th year my 56th year...we could meet in the south of france on the day the lavender blooms are fullest and the scent is so intoxicating the bees swoon...

Relyn said...

Happy weekend to you both!

MedaM said...

I love this photo of little mushrooms very much. And it seems to me that a fallen leaf’s role is to make the photo more attractive. If you hadn’t noticed those white little caps on time you could have stepped on them with your shoes. I am glad you didn’t.
Have a nice weekend to you both!

ELK said...

hangers in a line~veins of the leaf in line as well.

happy Saturday!

Elizabeth Harper said...

I can see a common theme. Of course, I tend to think and talk too much so please forgive my verbosity.

I think that both are affected by crowding. The tiny mushrooms are pushing out into a space so full they have to stretch up and out to get a bit a light. Some will always be faster and grow larger, but not all will thrive equally in the same environment.

I can apply the same thoughts to the crowded dorm and college life where again everyone is reaching for the light (success), but some may need to be transplanted elsewhere to develop a strong root system.

Thank you for your generous comment yesterday. You were very kind and it's just what I needed. Doubt can be an ugly beast!

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your blog, and I see an amazing connection. Squint your eyes and the soles of the shoes look like flat mushrooms, and the stems and the hangers look like they are holding them up. Even the slant of the hangers is like the slant of the pine tag in your photo. Neat!


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