Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rainfall / weekly picnic

We finally got a much needed rain here today - it's been a month since we last saw rain. I'm sure the earth was delighted for a drink at last. / rained today in athens. the photo is a polaroid from yesterday. we have another name for tuesdays now - picnic day. we felt solitude, despite the incessant student traffic, out on our picnic blanket with plundered dining hall food and reading material. i can't wait for autumn to arrive full force.


photoexercise said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog! I've been enjoying your postings while taking a rest from updating our site... :) I like your latest pairing - autumn has set in for you while your daughter is still caught up in summer, it seems.

robin bird said...

good morning leslye :) and taylor. this is another great double decker delight from you two! leslye i love the abstract nature of this scene.

ELK said...

hi you two.... picnics and puddles!
yea for BOTH!


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