Saturday, October 18, 2008

like a flower

"look, it's like a flower"

I helped my mother today with a photoshoot of a 4 yr old girl she is going to paint. (If Taylor had been here she would have been the one helping - she's the photographer. ) It was such a joy to be around a young child again - her sweet innocence was so delightful. We chose different locations all around the yard and photographed her for over an hour. In every part of the yard she found a flower she wanted to give to her mom. She was quite the little model -so beautiful and poised. I think between the two of us (mom & I) we took well over 200 photos. I am sure we got the perfect pose, expression and lighting for mom to work with and she will paint a beautiful portrait. / no photo from Taylor today, sorry


robin bird said...

omygosh!! wow! how nice that you two share your art when you are together and work as a team. well i guess i remember that about the post i saw when i first visited. i am so looking forward to seeing the piece come together!

spread your wings said...

robin bird, my original post was unclear. I was helping MY mom. Taylor didn't post a photo today. But if she had been here she would have been the one helping - she's worked with my mom many times in helping to get a child's photo for a portrait painting.
- leslye

Helen of Photoexercise said...

So art is a three-generational thing with you - better and better!

ELK said...

wow that must have been fun and tiring too~ four year olds are a wonder!!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo!

Relyn said...

What a trio of talent you three are. Lucky you to have an artist mom who passed it along to two generations. Me? I'm much more of an enthusiast than a talent, myself.


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