Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tin Drum / Kirby

Had lunch with my friend Trevor at Tin Drum today. The Cripsy Chicken Salad with ginger dressing is so yummy. Talked of dreams of travel and how so many of the young people in our office are going to all these exotic places - Japan, Greece, Eygpt, Scotland, China... Guess they are just foot-loose and fancy-free. Well, now is my time. I wish to go to Greece or Provence for my 50th. / kirby is sick. i don't know what to do ]: kirby can't die on me. kirby is my beloved, hand-me-down 1996 green jeep


ELK said...
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ELK said...

when would your 50 be? the images in todays post are happy colors ...tho' Kirby needs some work it seems?!

Kath said...

I came over here from elk's blog. I love it. My sister and I share a blog as well, it's an interesting experience, isn't it? I'm thinking about Paris for my 50th.


margie said...

ha, i came here following my sister who followed ELK. i am way past the fiftieth. my youngest son's bar mitzvah was on my 50th birthday.


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