Friday, September 19, 2008

sanctuary / shelter

I was amazed when I saw the similarity in these images today.
"A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul." - Phillip Moffitt


ELK said...

that is such a lovely duet

photoexercise said...

Great mother-daughter synchronicity! If you hadn't said you were also amazed, I would have sworn you'd planned it. By the way in response to your comment - DO get Lightroom, it's hugely worth it and quite easy to learn to use.

belinda=h said...

I am amazed too! Not just the structure of each 'roof' but also the weave of the cloth echoed in the shading in your daughter's drawing, the variations on green-grey-white, the use of the space...A real pleasure.

belinda=h said...

More proof of synchronicity: apparently my daughter was writing her comment (179 km away) while I was writing mine. But she's a faster typist!

spread your wings said...

you know i didn't even notice the similarities in the weave of the fabric and the pencil marks, but texture is almost the same. exciting.

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Thanks for your friendly comments!!
Your blog is so sweet. So nice to be mother and daughter and sharing a blog!!

My mother hardly know how to use a camera or cumputer so I cant ask her to share a blog with me so I'm a bit jealous ;)

Relyn said...

You two are uncanny. Really.


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