Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the cuckoo / the owl

The cuckoo sings again / i bought that vintage owl necklace i was wanting. it won't replace my mom's panda but it will be a nice change to wear. i wear my mom's old panda necklace all the time (think she had it when she was about 16) and it i get compliments on it everytime - can you see it behind the owl?


Naturegirl said...

I have just returned from Hiedelberg Germany the home of cuckoo clocks!What a selection and each with a charm of its own. Yours brought back the memory!

ELK said...

did you not know what you were posting this day? if not very amazing!

bracelet-Red Envelope

spread your wings said...

Elk, i love red envelope, they have so many things I adore.
This post was feeling sort of weak and I almost didn't post it, but with a deeper look I think there is some subtle symbolism in there.

Christina said...

I really love the panda necklace! Yes, I can see it! I have really been attracted to the big owl pendants lately.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love those clocks! and owls are my favorite.....well, next to skull stuff.


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