Monday, September 8, 2008

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Monday night dinners aren't the same without her /


photoexercise said...

Thanks for your comments on our blog! I came over for another visit to yours and was very moved by your half-empty entry! As a new mum I can't even imagine what it must be like when your kid(s) finally leave the nest and you're left to have dinner on your own...

To answer your questions, my mum lives in Grenoble in France, and I live not too far away, near Geneva in Switzerland (I grew up in Grenoble, but both my parents are Aussies). I can understand your daughter loved Avignon, it's a beautiful town.

By the way I love your recent photos of oranges in a fruit bowl and the pattern of early autumn leaves on a roof - do you really take these photos with an iPhone? I'm impressed by the quality. And is your daughter studying photography, or an art subject? Do you discuss your photos much to try and learn from each other?

I'm enjoying following your winged path... :)

ELK said...

it gets easier...yours looks good!

spread your wings said...

Ingrid, thank you for visiting our site again. To answer your question about the photos: Oops, You caught me. The orange bowl shot was taken with her camera (and a Sigma 30mm lens) before she left for college. (I was without an image for that day and placed this one instead.) BUT most shots from me are taken with my iphone, some may be taken with my very old Nikon Coolpix. I lost out on use of the Nikon D40x when she left : (.
My daughter is majoring in photography. But many times she also uses her phone for our daily post. You can see her real work on her flickr or etsy site.
I hope that our site will grow as yours has and there will be more discussion about our images.

Christina said...

This looks so good! I really love this blog! I have to say though, the empty spot tugs at my heart strings.

My son became a teenager last year and things are beginning to change a bit... Ah, motherhood!

Wait, did you say homemade?? : )


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