Tuesday, September 30, 2008

look to the light / warm rays

Shutter Sisters posted a blog about using available light in your home. Tracey gave great tips for shooting indoors. First she said "get to know the light in your home" and "rearrange your routines" in order to use the great light for your photos. Not only does the natural light allow for great photos, it lifts my mood. I have always done my ironing in the basement, but since she moved out I now do my ironing upstairs – in her room – enjoying the morning light
 / finished up classes at 2 pm today and headed to a friends pool for some rays of sunshine – a last chance for some semblance of a tan.
Well the photos don't go so well together, but I guess we were both "looking to the light"


ELK said...

could be "what I would rather be doing than ironing" ....love it as usual!

spread your wings said...

yes, i'd rather be soaking in some rays any day than doing the ironing.
thank you, elk

margie said...

well, look at it this way, all the things you used to iron for her, she wears wrinkled now. ironing only smooths a wrinkle for a short time.

spread your wings said...

haha, you're so right margie

Relyn said...

I love ironing and laundry - so much! So, of course I love your picture, Leslye. Now I have to go and find that Shutter Sisters essay.


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