Friday, September 26, 2008

reading / listening

When I picked up this book I didn't know that it was the last of a series. hahaha (I've never read the others) but it seems like it holds together on it's own (I'm not very far in to it). At work we have a "library" of books that people bring in and I needed something to read today so I chose this - The Careful Use of Compliments. I make sure I get outside for a short break everyday. We have a beautiful courtyard to sit in and on a day like today of course I can't resist. OH the breeze, the sun - perfect... looks like she had the same idea / just had to have a starbucks today between classes. i try to limit my visits there through the week but it was just so nice out i couldn't resist. chai soy latte please, and on my ipod: dear ms. leading by the dear hunter, this is it, this is it by as cities burn, jesus christ by brand new, act appalled by circa survive, don't let them see you cry by manchester orchestra
What was your last favorite read? / What's on your ipod?


robin bird said...

my ipod has sooo many books , what i listen to over and over though is jim dale reading harry potter. we're like family in my car!

so a lot of my 'reading' gets done while driving. the other 'reading' like where yo have to know how to read has been dominated by photography. The lat novel i read was Water For elephants i think.

thank you so much for your generous comment sand visits to my blog. it's very nice to make new friends isn't it?

spread your wings said...

Someone at work was wanting a good book on nature and our connectedness to it and it made me think about 2 books that I read a long time ago, 'The Forest Lover'. A very inspiring, fictional book based of the life of Canadian painter, Emily Carr. Incredible storytelling and descriptive power - you can smell the fresh paint and feel the weather conditions she encountered. And also 'Prodigal Summer' - she weaves 3 stories together based in southern Appalachia - another one with such impressive descriptive power, it lingers with you.
Hmm I think I have some books to re-read.

belinda=h said...

Again an extraordinary parallel between your photos: a triangle of clues to your day, loosely bound by the cord of the earphones and the straps and strings of the purse. A casualness about both that expresses beautifully the relaxation of a midday snack with book/music.

Relyn said...

I have lots of books on my iPod, like Robin Bird. The one I listen to over and over is Hattie Big Sky. Currently I am rereading Boy's Life in regular book form. As far as music on my iPod, the thing I listen to most is Yo Yo Ma Plays Ennio Moricone. Heard it? You much! Perfect peaceful music.

Relyn said...

I meant to say, "You must!" Oh well.


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