Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pure fun /

Those guitars in the corner keep calling me. I think I'll just pick one up and practice a little bit for when she comes home. I miss touring in our "Rock Band" with her. It was one of the times I felt a small part of her world - what great times we had playing for hours - earning "money" and gaining "fans".


maisiehandspun said...

thank you for yr sweet little comment on my blog. I have just broken up with a big love and I am in pieces. so I'm hoping I'll come back together as I write. I'm going to try to every day. xx

ELK said...

hi friend... do not let the dust gather there ~rock on!

little ms. notetaker said...

A new blog friend, yay! Thanks so much for the comment... and the vote on my kitchen. I'm so excited to have a new photoblog to visit. I'm far away from my mom... so your efforts to stay connected through the blog warm my heart. Can't wait to keep checking in.


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