Friday, January 23, 2009

cat / bird

Kodi loves to look outside Ts window in the morning - there's a tree just outside the window that has berries on it and the birds love it. She'll do anything to get a better view of the activity out there - including trying to climb the curtains. bad kitty. / our first project in drawing II is a collaborative one. the name of the assignment is "multiple headed hungry monster." we went to the library the second day of class to get inspiration and then we were put into groups the next class day. i'm in a group with two other people and we have to each create a monster head that eats something specific and then we all do the body and somehow show in the stomach what our monster has consumed. mine is a girl with feathers for hair and a bird's nest on her head and a berry necklace (to attract birds to her). so she eats birds and uses their feathers for her hair. i did it in pen and ink. this is just a portion of the her insides - the branches form her ribs. i hope it turns out like i envision it - should be pretty cool if it does.


Indigo said...

The hungry monster project sounds captivating.

With 4 cats inside, I ended up putting up wood blinds on all my windows. Curtains never last long in my house. (Hugs)Indigo

leaca said...

What is it with cats and windows? They love them. =]

ELK said...

Taylor your drawing is a gem...looking so good!
L the sunlight coming in is such a vision

Gayle said...

The photo of Kodi looking out the window is great!

Wow! Your drawing and idea are amazing!

You both are so talented!

Char said...

I've watched the birds outside in the pecan tree this morning - they are enjoying the quiet for once.

the drawing is so well done and so creative. great project.

kath said...

I'm like Kodi, just looking out the windows.

Elizabeth Harper said...

Taylor- I can't wait to see the finished piece. It's sounds very creative...are you going to consider selling the original in your etsy shop?

Leslye- I love how your photographs slow me down and help me relax. It's an amazing thing for it to happen with such consistency. I love that!

Relyn said...


I haven't even looked at your post. Just clicked comments to leave a pile of love and thanks. I just checked my mail. Yes, I know it is Sunday. But, it has been one of those kinds of weeks. More in my email. Much love to you, my sweet friend.

Georgia B. said...

oh, what a beautiful cat photo! so soft and peaceful.

and that bird drawing is just beautiful! really! i love birds. i have so many bird things around the house. birds just make me so happy. i would buy a print of that drawing if i saw it somewhere. really beautiful!


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