Friday, January 30, 2009

so true

solo post - L, iphone pic at work

I took a break and walked over to Starbucks around 3 today (about a 5 minute walk in the brisk cold air). I got a London Fog Tea Latte. Have you had one yet? It's my new favorite afternoon drink. So good. The quote on my cup was perfect. So true.
"Success in life is that your kids want to spend time with you once they've grown up." - Paul Orfalea (founder of Kinko's)

I think right now I don't feel completely "successful" in this regard but she's not really grown up yet either is she? It doesn't count yet does it? I mean, as long as she's in school I don't think it's the coolest thing to spend a weekend with your mom. There are much more appealing offers coming her way. I do feel blessed however - T and I have a wonderfully close and open relationship and I cherish that more than anything in this world. When she chooses to spend time with me, over her friends, now that's pure joy.


Relyn said...

Jeffrey and I were youth pastors for years. I was often struck by how important friends are to young people. I remember them being a vital force in my life, too. Sometimes I wanted to grab them and holler, "Stop it! Go home and hug your Mom. Don't you know she'll be your friend long after you've forgotten these people's names?" It's still true, but still futile. I think all women have a secret longing for that Beaches kind of friendship, but most of us never get it. Those of us who have mother's who are our friends are the truly blessed ones.

Char said...

I think I always knew how much my mother loved me, even during those years when I was exploring my adulthood and was trying to form my life independent of family. I do know the last eight years before she died, she was one of my very closest friends and I treasure every moment I had with her. I'm so glad you and T have a close relationship too...and even when she's off with friends, she loves you and thinks of you....I know that.

bermudabluez said...

I am so very glad that my daughter and I are best friends! We had a rough patch of a couple of years while she was in high school, but now that she's a little bit older, and a little bit wiser.....we're buds! And I wouldn't want it any other way!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Reading quotes like that, makes me want to spend more time with my mom. Granted, we're polar opposites in many regards, however I do love her, and as long as she's alive, I know my mom will be there for me, and I can't really say that about anyone else. ;)


ELK said...

very special post L...I miss spending time with my love that I am close to both daughters..although the 16 year old is totally into her friends she and i laugh a and cut up a lot !

I really can tell you are close to T and know this transition has been different..I remember this first year so well but it got easier after that.

Anonymous said...

Awww, of course it doenst count yet! College is a wild, free time...she'll be back, hanging with her mom soon.
Love this pic with the polas in the background.

Indigo said...

Does it count when they are having oral surgery and decide to crash at your house for a few days afterwards? *winks*

I loved the quote, the older and more mature my daughter gets the less guards she puts up. I think we see each other more now on equal footing than ever before. (Hugs)Indigo

robin-bird said...

i can tell you after years of hearing the secrets of girls and women that the closeness to their mother is not always something they are comfortable admitting but truly, truly feel. so yes i do think you're right, there is still more to come as far as the devotion being openly shared both ways. rachel is more comfortable doing that when she feels confident in her own skin...which like all of us shifts from day to day :)
xo it is hard to believe your photos are iPhone photos leslye..they are really great!


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