Saturday, January 10, 2009


solo post - L

I've been working on this painting for the auction I told you about, but I'm a little hesitant in showing it. I haven't painted in a long time and was feeling somewhat intimidated in picking up the brush - a feeling somewhat like Anna Weaver was talking about in this post. So I'm putting myself out there for critique by you. I'm not sure that the painting is complete - I think I have some little touches to make on it before I turn it in. I'd like a place to get feedback from people besides my family so... To you artists out there - do you have any suggestions?
I look at the painting now, in this photo, and I don't think the details are showing up. I should try to get a better photo in daylight. Anyway you get the idea of it. Thanks


Claire said...

The outside perspective is always so valuable, although not always easy to receive.

Compliments on the plate and the lemon half on the right... very true to life.

The serviette however seems to be either distracting or not prominent enough for my eye. I would also maybe put either two or three items outside of the plate or all of the items on the plate. Alternatively you could have a knife on the right side of the plate.

Hope to see more of your exhibition items.

I missed your company this week.


Christina said...

I'm not able to critique, because I'm bias. I love all that you do. It's beautiful. ; )

I;m seriously, no help at all. lol

Char said...

Ok, I'm completely the opposite, I think all the items on the plate would too predictable - like "look, here's everything - don't look anywhere else." So I like the bits that take my eye around the frame. The colors are good. The napkin is really excellent as it looks as if I could pick it up. I think what is bothering me is the lemons. let me look again.

Char said...

Now I know what it is. The lemon half - excellent as is the whole lemon. The half that is end side up is not in scale to the other lemons or berries. It needs to be "higher" - not sure what I'm saying exactly, seems that if it was cut in half with the other, the perspective is slightly off.

Hope that helps.

All that being said - I think it is all lovely. The colors are pleasing and appealing. And I love fruit as subjects. You are very talented.

leaca said...

I am not a good critic. I am so hard on my photography that I actually hurt myself on some level. This is actually one of my goals this year--to learn how to critique without injuring. So I am no help. I love the plate and the details. Painting is so hard to do that I am always impressed with each piece I see.

spread your wings said...

mom, it's looking really good. i love the lemon that's cut open.

Suvarna said...

Having never drawn or painted anything I can only give comments from a viewers perspective. I like the colours and I think the items outside the plate balance the image. Hope that helps in some small way.

Gayle said...

I'm not an artist, so I can't help. I can only say that I love it!

ELK said...

L. I have been studying this with my very untrained ~non painter eyes...i like the half lemon, the random grape on the table love the plate...the colors are so muted...keep up the good work I am so in awe of your ability to just dig in and do it!


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