Monday, January 12, 2009

recipes / reference

I bought myself this beautiful cookbook titled "Apples for Jam" by Tessa Kiros - admittedly because it has beautiful photos. Interestingly the over 200 recipes are organized by color - red, orange, yellow, pink, green, gold, white, brown, monochrome, stripes and multicolor. It combines poetic writing, art and time-tested recipes shared for generations – the pages are filled with gorgeous photos and children's artwork. And, throughout, little snippets like this "...then we sat on the doorstep, munching, staring at the cherry pinks and plum purples, the lemon blossom, the blue sky, and the soft whipped cream white of the clouds". How can you not love a book like that, regardless if you cook or not? Taylor next time you're home we'll fix one of the dishes together - I think you'll like it. / today, believe it or not, was my first time ever setting foot in my school's library. last semester i used my computer or a book i already possessed for research. we were sent there, to the library, to find inspiration for creating some sort of "monster" for our drawing class – we are to compile images of things, reminiscent of arcimboldo (take a look at his work). i started out wanting my monster to be in the style of cyberpunk, but i pretty much changed my mind while i was inside. it was very nostalgic being in there, whispering and searching for the perfect book to give me inspiration.


ELK said...

good morning to the two of you among the books filled with color!

Char said...

I love both shots...the lines of the librarly draw me in.

now I have to go search for that cookbook

kath said...

I love my library and I love a cookbook that is more than recipes. These are beautiful shots.

Relyn said...

T - I love that you know Arcimboldo and have the talent to work in his style. And then that you would change your mind to a cyber punk? Well. I think I'm jealous.

L - That is the second time recently I've heard of that cookbook. Both of you absolutely loved it. My library didn't have it, so I'll have to check at the bookstore. You made me think of another literaryish cookbook. Have you read Sweetie Pies by Patti Pinner? I think you would enjoy it - whether you bake a pie or not.


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