Wednesday, January 7, 2009

late / late

Here I sit facing the computer screen - no words come to me, yet a lot has happened since my last real posted. T left me some of her "To Life" tea - it's relaxing. The house is almost too quite - T has gone back to Athens. It's late, the clock reads 11:55 - I still can't seem to get to bed at a decent hour. But I just had to post... something, before I go to bed. Maybe tomorrow the words will come / presents wrapped - still not given to my friend - where did the time go? better late than never right?
the holidays were great - i loved having the time off and seeing old friends, being with family, having my kitty sleep with me, cooking some great meals, having "space" - all the comforts of home, but i have to say i missed my new friends and my "home" at school - it's good to be back. mom you understand, right?


Char said...

I can remember both sides as I moved to Bham from Montgomery after my divorce. Loved being with my family but also loved my space to be alone.

ELK said...

I understand Leslye...I understand T
such a shift of life ~ not in a bad way ...just there.

margie said...

when my boy called me from school that first day back, and then followed up with several short but chatty emails within the first forty-eight hours, i knew that over the last several months, he has found his place at university. you understand mom? of course we do.

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh yes, I think that's true, I mean it's comforting being home and there are lovely things about it, but I feel at home when I'm away as well, and I love living on my own. :) (Hopefully my mom understands that! ;))

Thanks for your comment! <3


Gayle said...

What a sweet post. T, moms do understand.

Light and Wiritng said...

This actually made me tear up a little. I am very close to my mom but live far away. The desire to be independent is great but I also feel the need to make as many memories with my mom as possible b/c she is so special. What a great idea for a bonding blog! Thanks for your visit and your comment!

Georgia B. said...

yay, they're back. it's so nice to see the relationship you guys share. makes me miss my mama.

mimi charmante said...

having three and a half more years until i am in your position (mom), the "mom, you understand" nearly made me cry. i know that it will be such an exciting time, but still, so emotional for me. i love that the two of you are doing this together! it speaks volumes about your relationship. who's birthday is the 19th of nov? thanks for visiting my blog, by the way~


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