Sunday, January 18, 2009

warm / cool

solo post again - L
In the daytime the shadows the sunshine plays on the wall excite me and in the evening I am always delighted by the multiple shadows the dining room light reflects on the table. Tonight I had my metalsmithing class. This was my first attempt at sawing copper. The design isn't quite symmetrical, but I think it will do for my project. I hope to share more of it next week - I barely got this portion completed before the time was up tonight.
The shadow on the wall is from the sunlight shining through my wasp jar - you know the kind you hang outside to keep the wasps away from your picnic. The wasps fly in through the opening at the bottom in order to get to the sugar water you have placed inside, then they are trapped. poor guys. I use mine indoors for decoration.


Relyn said...

I've never heard of a wasp jar, but I'm in love with the shadows it casts.

ELK said...

oh L...these together have me smiling ..such them!

spread your wings said...

Relyn, maybe it's a southern thing. : )

Char said...

I love the bright colors I can find in the different wasp jars. great use of negative space and light in these shots. I can't wait to see the results of your metalworking classes.

Georgia B. said...

i love capturing shadows—especially on walls! one of my favorite kind of pics.


Gayle said...

How pretty the warm and cool are next to each other. I also have never heard of a wasp jar. It sounds like a great idea!


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