Wednesday, January 14, 2009

secret / mystery

I sent this package off Monday - it contained my "mystery" painting. Mystery in that each artist had to sign the back of the canvas so that the artist of each painting remains a secret until after the purchase. I packaged it up and then realized after I dropped it off that I had not taken a photo of the finished painting. I'll probably never see it again. Oh well, you can see pretty much what it looks like here. The auction is in February. I hope my painting will help raise some good money for the community. As long as I have been an artist I admit there are still times I doubt my talent a bit. I wonder if other artist feel this way every once in awhile? I joined a group today that I hope will encourage me to do more painting and share more of my work. It's a book blogging group on "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women / i don't have a photo from today but i was looking back through some old stuff from about a year ago and came across this. remember mom?
you'd think experienced trespassers wouldn't be spooked by the average thump, especially given the fact that it wasn't even at night. but this house did a good job of making us leave. who knows what made the sound, it could have been the wind but it also could have been someone inside the house warning us not to enter. regardless, mom and i both jumped a couple feet up in the air and got outta there - me vaulting off the front porch after snapping this photo of forgotten journals, and her hopping in the driver's side to make for our getaway. haha i still want to go back - there was so much potential there.


ELK said...

Leslye I am really excited for you, have faith in you ability ....after painting it will be the story of mother and daughter and their photo adventures...tee hee!

Claire said...

every artist struggles with those doubts and periods of absolute lack of inspiration. keep pressing on!

i love the photo on the right!

Gayle said...

Congratulations on finishing your painting and sending it off. I hope you do show more of your paintings here. The mystery painting was so pretty.

Wow! A house that scared you off sounds intriguing! You paint a funny picture of you and your mom getting out of there, T.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Do other artists feel that way......ALL.THE.TIME!! haha

I have a fear of being rejected, it happens.....not everyone likes the same things.....that is to be expected.....however, knowing so doesn't always make it easy to swallow!

In my mind you are ingeniously creative! Celebrate it....scream it out loud :o)

leaca said...

I was going to join that as well. You will have to do more with your art if only to keep your spirit happy. I think artists have to share their work to be truly happy even if we torture ourselves in the process at least we are doing something.

kath said...

Leslye, I'm so glad you joined the book blogging group. I think it can only enhance what we're trying to do!

G. K. Photography said...

What a neat idea for a blog! (I secretly hope that my daughter loves photography as much as I do when she gets older so that we can do something similar)

I would love to see more of your paintings. The book blogging group sounds fun!


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