Sunday, December 14, 2008

popcorn / cranberries

Taylor got home today and I already had plans for us. I guess I should have let her relax a bit. But we're a little behind on the decorating - there are no ornaments on the tree yet and the mantel looked a little lacking. So I thought what a relaxing sort of activity it would be to string some popcorn for the mantel - we added cranberries too. We talked about some Christmases past - some when I was young and some when she was young. She made one string and I made another - it worked out perfectly and it didn't take long either./ the house looked so pretty when i walked in today - it was warm and smelled of pine. haha, i should have known mom would have some decorating for us to do today. it was fun though. it reminded me of photo we took for our card one Christmas when i was young - mom made me a mrs. claus outfit - a little short, red circle skirt and jacket trimmed in fake fur - I wore a santa hat and sat by the tree stringing popcorn. it was the year it actually snowed for Christmas - 2000 - the year my cousins (twins) were born on Christmas Eve.


ELK said...

so happy you are under one roof ~ ...I know T is glad to be home nothing else feels so great ~the photos are nice together

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw this post made me so warmly nostalgic! It's been years since I've been involved in holiday decorating considering I'm now usually always at work (not by choice, though!) And I've never stringed popcorn before, but that may be because I would have a hard time not eating it instead! ;) The pictures of your popcorn/cranberry strings look delightful!

Thanks for your comment, I love the quote you shared! :)


Georgia B. said...

oh to be young again and have a popcorn garland party like we used to! i guess i could still do it now, but it just wouldn't seem the same.

it's a tradition i will start with my children for sure!

Gayle said...

This is such a sweet post. It makes me wonder what it will be like when my children are off to college and come home for the holidays. The photos are so pretty, too.

lisaschaos said...

How pretty! I love this idea of mom and daughter blogging together. :)

Relyn said...

I love how your strings look. Happy and cheerful. I am hoping for pictures of the finished tree, too.

robin bird said...

that looks like fun! i know if i were to live closer to rachel we would be doing this things with olivia :) it makes me kinda sad but it also makes me happy for the two of you. the love really shines on your blog!


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