Wednesday, December 3, 2008

far from home / left the nest

This was a different sort of Thanksgiving. It was one of the few that I can ever remember not being with my parents and on top of that I wasn't with my daughter either. I guess things are changing. And it's not all bad, just different. This photo was taken during my vacation to Maryland this past week and I was alone when I went on this little photo walk. Is this bird lonely and looking for warmth in this bush or about to spread her wings and fly about in this beautiful park? I had planned to post this photo at some point but when T. sent me her drawing of the empty nest I had to pair the two together today. They belong together for sure. She has been gathering her drawings from the semester to present for her portfolio and she had not shown me this one. / this was a still life set up in my drawing class - it fits our theme doesn't it mom? i may have "left the nest" but home is never far away and unlike birds, i will return. it was nice being at home for several days this past week and i'll be home again soon after finals.


ELK said...

my goodness!
is not bad
my mantra that first year

love the photo/drawing so special

good luck on finals T

amy said...

glad to have discovered your blog! what a sweet collaboration!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

You guys make me wanna cry.....I had such a nice visit with my Mom this year. I got to spend a lot of time with her and it was great! It's been almost a year since I've laid eyes on her. When I'm getting ready to leave I say, "Where's the tissues", she cries like a baby every time, so do I.

You two have the most beautiful relationship, makes me want to stay in touch with my Mom more.

These two images DO belong together!

Sorry you've been lonely dear, I don't mean to be neglectful.....I'm still trying to catch up and get better at the same time! Glad you prompted me to stop by.....I should have been by sooner :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

O yeah, that photo is magnificent! It's no easy feat to get a bird photo.

robin bird said...

so much talent between the two of you! taylor i do adore this drawing. it is a beautiful piece full of memory. who lived here? how did each chick fare out in the world? how much does their mother worry over them and miss her chirpy fluffs? and leslye... you use that dang iPhone camera like it is a top of the line canon beast. proof that it is the artist and not the camera that takes the photograph. i think that bird id dinging praise to be going home for the winter!

robin bird said...

sheesh..."i think that bird is singing praise to be going home for the winter!"

if i'm not careful i can mistype even my corrections :)

Relyn said...

OH!! Oh, I don't want Sloane to leave. Just thinking about Thanksgiving without her hurts. Of course, I have eleven or twelve years to prepare for that, don't I?


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