Saturday, December 13, 2008


solo post again - Nikon D40x
I am so lucky to live close to my parents.
My parents are in their 80s yet they are more active than most people in their 50s. I could write an entire blog just on all that they do on a daily basis - maybe another time. Today they had just been to the church Christmas party (the one she made 50 plus table decorations for), had to attend a funeral immediately after that and were on their way to do some shopping. And here I am wanting to stay home and not go to my party tonight - prefering a lazy evening at home - sad.
Anyway she came by today to let me sample her recipe for Spice Tea that she was giving to a friend. I have always made Spice Tea (many call it Friendship tea or Russian Tea) for the holidays starting at Thanksgiving and this year I wasn't home for Thanksgiving so Mom created her own recipe and wanted me to taste it to make sure it was as good enough for giving. She was sitting there at my table and just looked so pretty to me I wanted to take her picture. My mom is a beautiful woman - not only on the outside but so much so on the inside. She was telling me all about the party and some of her plans for baking for Christmas. There was such a brightness about her but I'm not sure if I captured it. In the photo here she is looking at a little felt gnome I just received in the mail from luckyd and she's wearing a crocheted poppy necklace I ordered from MarianneS. (I was going to wait and give it to her for Christmas but it just looked so perfect for what she was wearing I had to show it to her). Isn't it a striking piece?
Another reason for her visit - she was letting me borrow her jewelry for a party I'm going to tonight. I've worn this set before and it always makes me feel beautiful. The set is stunning- I love the dangling earrings and choker - it's a set she has had since the 40s I think (maybe before). I don't get dressed up much so I usually have to borrow something from my mom to make the outfit. I'm lucky she's close by (maybe I can borrow that poppy necklace sometime : )
Well I need to go get ready - lots to do to make this one beautiful - glad mom brought me those earrings. -Leslye
By the way, the Spice tea was just right.

Sorry for so many solo post lately. With the holidays and school finals I'm afraid we've gotten off track. This post really should have been put on AutumnSun. It might be confusing to some. I hope that Taylor and I get back on track soon.


ELK said...

l ~your mother is so beautiful I teared up just now ...your words just flow with love for her ...
you will look so nice for your party have fun and enjoy

Gayle said...

Your mom is very beautiful! You did capture it! It's so great that your parents are still active. My MIL is in her late 70's and FIL in his early 80's and they are also very active. More so than my husband and I!

Claire said...

so beautiful to witness such closeness and love. never lose sight of just how valuable it is.

Relyn said...

Am truly dying over that jewelry. DYING! Your Mom is beautiful.


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