Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a helping hand

phone pics
I don't want to get in this habit of not posting every night but sometimes there are just other more important things to do. I worked (at my job) until 8:30pm and then I helped my mom with her table decorations for a church Christmas party. She had made 15 centerpiece decorations and was now working on the 50, or so, place-favor decorations. She made doili-lace origami doves for each place setting and I offered to help tie bows and glue the little green "olive branch" in the mouths of the doves. I offered my help sort of late in the game but every little bit helps I suppose. I wish I had helped her sooner - she always, always helps me. / cupcakes for secret santa party at the dorm. i know they're not very christmas-y but we had to make use of what we had.


ELK said...

what a great "kid" you are ...I'll give you a pass this time...;)

leaca said...

stuff happens. =)


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