Saturday, December 6, 2008

some treats / a glimpse

I went to Trader Joes today to get some poinsettias for the mantel and found all my favorite Christmas treats. It's not Christmas without clementines, Panettone and Lebkuchen. My brother lived in Germany for several years and he bring back Lebkuchen at Christmas time. I guess that is also when I fell in love with the original Steinbach German smokers and nutcrackers. I have a pretty good collection, but my mom has a great collection. I bought my first one when I went to Germany along with something I really treasure - a 3 tiered German carousel of the Nativity. Do you collect special Christmas decorations? / here is a glimpse of the "creative" portrait i'm finishing up for drawing. sorry for all the drawing stuff - it's just pretty much all that's going on right now.


Relyn said...

I was born in Germany, and the year before I was born my mother bought a Nativity set with her future children in mind. It is heavy plastic, but looks like the finest art. I mean it. You've never seen plastic so pretty. Anyway. She wanted a Nativity that her children could enjoy, could play with, could reenact. We did. Oh, how we did. When it was my brother's turn to set it up, I would sneak in and changed it just a hair to see how long it would take him to notice. We loved that thing. Still do. In fact, Sloane plays with it now. When I was about 19 I began to think of marriage and children. So began my quest for a plastic Nativity that was beautiful and not fragile. I found it in Fontanini. Since then (that was nearly 20 years ago) Fontanini has become a big name and a bit of a collectors thing. I don't care for that, but I do love my Nativity set. Sloane plays with it the same way I did. And, every Christmas Eve she acts out the Nativity for the family, with more and more elaborate scripts each year. I love it!

Thanks for the chance to share good memories.


I used to dry sliced oranges in the oven & decorate them with cloves for tree decoration...smell really warm & cozy for the hollidays... now I simply just don't have the time...

ELK said...

snow people ~leave them up until February or so since we get virtually zero snow!

Hang in there Taylor ~my daughter is coming down the "home stretch" too then a break!


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