Friday, December 26, 2008

recreation / relaxation

This is a different sort of Christmas for our family. Because my older brother and his family are not arriving until the 27th we are delaying our Christmas celebration. So Christmas day was not filled with the usual excitement of opening presents and a big Christmas dinner - instead we enjoyed a quite day (there will be children here later). I spent some time with a friend walking at a local park. It felt so good to get out and exercise. It was more like a warm spring day than a cold Christmas day. There were a lot of families outdoors - enjoying their time together - fishing, flying new motorized aircraft toys, walking their dogs, trying out new scooters... walking off Christmas dinner. In the middle of a big empty field I saw this tree with gourd bird houses hanging from it. When I walked up to it I realized the "tree" had been put together by man - it's all real wood but the branches have been manually grafted on. It reminded me of a Christmas tree with huge ornaments. Very interesting don't you think? A high-rise bird hotel. / i enjoyed a day of cooking (made some dishes that i was very proud of - pumpkin creme brulee - yum) with my dad, but after cooking, and eating too much, it was time for one of my favorite pastimes - to bring out all my old disney movies and decide which one i would watch ( i'll admit, i love my disney movies - it makes me nostalgic). today i watched one of my all-time favorites, "the fox and the hound". that movie makes me cry every time, but it's so good. do you have a favorite disney movie?


Georgia B. said...

my favorite disney movie is The Parent Trap (with Brian Keith)—probably because i am an identical twin!

you have quite the collection! i would love to own them all. i am always so impressed with the newer animated films! they just get more and more realistic every time!

it sounds like you had a restful Christmas—i think that is the way to do it for sure!

have a merry 27th belated Christmas celebration!

ELK said...

oh I know you are looking forward to the visit and delayed celebration!we are off to grandparents today ..../
my girls all time favorite is "Robin Hood" do you have it T?

Elizabeth Harper said...

I love the gourd reminds me of my great-grandfather or Papa as we called him. Papa grew a garden every year until he was 82. In the last few years of his life, the garden grew smaller, but he still used an old mule to break up a few rows of earth in a field close to the back side of the house. I remember my fascination with watching the gourds he planted as they grew and later listening as he talked about the different ways he'd used them over the years. Long after he died, the gourds he'd grown were still hanging around providing homes for the birds who used to come every year.

As to my favorite Disney movie, The Jungle Book was the most memorable. I saw it as a child in Hollywood on the big screen at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It was one of my best childhood memories.

I hope you have a lovely visit with family today.

Char said...

love the gourd tree and I love the collection of DVD's! We have to watch Elf and The Christmas Story every Christmas. My favorite Disney? hmmmmm, I'm rather fond of Peter Pan and Mary Poppins.

Gayle said...

The gourd tree is so cool! I hope you have a fun Christmas celebration this weekend.

Wow, that Disney collection photo could have been taken at my house! My oldest son's favorite was Dumbo. When he was little we must have watched it 100 times! We have also watched The Fox and The Hound many times. My daughter and I like that one!

Claire said...

the tree looks like a cherry tree to me. interesting that it is man made.

pumpkin creme brulee sounds like something that i would just love. would you mind sharing the recipe?

as today is the 27th i hope that you are soaking up all the love and goodness that family togetherness offers.

i've just gotten in from taking a long walk into the sunset with my in laws. i am blessed.

Relyn said...

Sloane had a Disney day today. She watched 101 Dalmations and The Aristocats. My favorite "vintage" Disney movie - vintage meaning I remember it from before my adulthood - is Sleeping Beauty. It's probably my favorite because an old boyfriend once woke me gently by calling me Sleeping Beauty. Plus, I love the dance/singing/falling in love scene. Beauty and the Beast is another big favorite and somehow I always find myself watching it the week after Christmas. We saw it on the stage and it was amazing. But, my all time favorite Disney movie has got to be Cars. It is delightful. Mater is the best Disney character ever. (Sorry, Mickey.)


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