Friday, December 5, 2008

my evening / a break

Yesterday the mailbox was stuffed to capacity with catalogs - there must have been at least 10. I enjoy looking at catalogs. So that's what I did tonight. I built a fire, made some hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music, got my blanket and sat by the fire...browsing at silver jewelry, cashmere sweaters, red leather purses, wool felted rugs, flannel sheets and treat towers from Harry & Davids.... I go through them and earmark the pages of things I like. I've always done this, leaving them lying around the house as little hints of what I like (I 'm not sure anyone else ever looks though). I don't often buy from catalogs but I love to look and dream and I ALWAYS mark the pages thinking someday I'll go back and order. One of my favorite catalogs is Sundance. I love their jewelry, everything really. Now, I did buy myself a ring with some birthday money from their catalog. Well, actually from the website. But the catalogs are a lot more fun to look at than the website wouldn't you agree? Last year, instead of buying from catalogs, or retail, for Christmas, I bought handmade from etsy. I can always find unique items there for any one I need to buy for. Where do you enjoy shopping? / taking a break from all the class work. i've been drawing like mad this week (can't wait to show you) and i've finished my english portfolio. yeah


ELK said...

i guess because I was in retail so many years I am all shopped out...I do like catalog too/T that is a good book happy weekend you 2

Relyn said...

My favorite places to shop are little independent home and gift stores. Kansas City is packed full of them and we are headed that way in a few weekend. Yippie!!

Taylor, I love The Life of Pi. I'd love to hear what you think about the ending.

Jen said...

Yes, I love browsing the catalogs too. I especially love Williams Sonoma...seriously, I have dreams of espresso coffee machines, with nice froth makers.


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