Friday, December 12, 2008

ever changing / good news

iphone / photobooth
I can't begin to express the beauty of the sky yesterday - all day long - from sun up to sun down - I was constantly in awe. And the full moon illuminates the room tonight. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. / yay! this makes me so happy. i did it! wow, first semester of college is complete.


Elizabeth Harper said...

Amazing skyline photograph....what a great capture!

Congrats to Taylor and I loved her photo too.
It's an interesting shot both in content and composition.

ELK said...

the sky really encourages me each posted a beautiful shot L...
t. the first semester is the hardest and I am so glad that you did well...isn't it a great feeling!?

Claire said...

congratulations... looking forward to getting to know you through your blog. you and your mom have a very special relationship.

Relyn said...

Congratulations, Taylor!!


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