Monday, November 3, 2008

treasure hunt / treasure chest

Again it was a busy day of preparing for the show I feel I have let the blog post slide somewhat lately because of it. I guess we all have these days were it's difficult to find the words to post - I've had several. I just feel a need to post every day - like if I miss a day I won't be able to get back on track. So I'm posting a photo of some things I gathered from the yard today (part of my treasure hunt of interesting textures and berries, etc for my art) and that's all I've got. / i wore your old mermaid necklace today - it's the coolest thing. finding treasures in people's so-called trash has always been a love of mine. whenever i wear this necklace that i found when rummaging through mom's old jewelry (along with my famed panda), i never cease to be complimented. i'll always have a love for the lost - finding use for something that has seemingly been forgotten. and speaking of mermaids - i was thinking i might want to read "the mermaid chair" since i enjoyed "the secret life of bees" so much. does anyone know anything about it - is it good?


leaca said...

beautiful post girls.

Lemon Dingo said...

That mermaid necklace is fantastic. It reminds me of some sketches by Artist called Leah Piken Kolidas I saw recently on her blog

She has some really wonderful prints in her store there that I am going to pick up for my daughter for Christmas

ELK said...

berries and baubles

hearts and circles

green and gold

Mary said...

looks like you both share a love of found things... beautiful!

vanessaann said...

hey. thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm thinking about opening an etsy shop, but i'm kind of nervous. i love your shop. the picture with the pink heels is my favorite! ( if you visit my blog again i'm doing a give away).

Relyn said...

I absolutely adored "The Secret Life of Bees", but I couldn't even finish "The Mermaid Chair." It did not near live up to her first. Have you seen the movie yet?

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'm soooo far behind on updating my 366 blog.....I'm still taking photos, just not updating it! haha Horrible.


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