Tuesday, November 4, 2008

see it

a vision of hope. / when facebook statuses are inundated with political agendas and opinions, you know something has to be a big deal. i have known that the election was going to be very prominent this year, but living in a college town has taken it to an all new level. students have been campaigning ever since i've been here and it has recently gotten very intense! people have been driving around all day asking if people need rides to the polls, election stickers are on every bus stop and lamp post, and of course, it's all people are talking about. i'm glad america's youth is so passionate and involved and realizes the importance of what this election will bring.


Elizabeth Harper said...


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The young people came out in record number here where I live, too. Watuagua (Boone) was the only little blue county for miles!! haha

Jewels said...

Nice shot! Hey, my brother in law teaches at UGA!

Relyn said...

I spent all day Tuesday at a professional development conference. It was amazing. Anyway, to start we were to choose a word that describes us from a list of words he provided. I choose passionate. How could I not? Tuesday was so important.


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