Monday, November 24, 2008

hanging on / coming soon

click image to see better detail
I thought it was interesting how theses leaves, barely hanging on, looked like cocoons. It's actually this time of year that some insects start forming their cocoons and stay in them all winter long. I guess we all sort of do that - cozying up for the winter. / a friend came over yesterday - he and I made these chocolate peppermint muffins. i'll share them with my best friend who is coming home from college tomorrow. i can't wait to see her. i've got to get some tea from teavana before she gets here.


Elizabeth Harper said...

Love the cocoons...
My daughter came home on Sunday and we've been having such fun...hope your time with Taylor is as sweet.

ELK said...

cocooning ~ all of us do it and it looks as if you are as well~enjoy

taylor the muffins sound yummy!

Kengot said...

Color of leaves have changed.
Insects are going to hibernation.
But I can't find them in this town.
I need holidays to feel changing of seasons.

Donna said...

Yum...those muffins look delishhh

Courtney said...

barely hanging on...very symbolic as that seems that we are all barely hanging on sometimes.

Great photos!

Relyn said...

Oh, I am loving that gorgeous bokeh. I am also desperate to try chocolate peppermint muffins. If I bring the tea, can I come?

Happy Thanksgiving you two.


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