Saturday, November 22, 2008

who is it / who's coming

posting solo again tonight

It's funny I can almost see the features. Can you tell who this is? You can certainly tell it's not a young person. I bet by seeing these snacks you can tell who's coming to home. At least when you know a little bit about me you could at least make a pretty good guess. When you know someone, it doesn't take much to identify them.
I've been blessed to have Taylor home 2 weekends in a row and this time she gets to stay for a week. When she came home last weekend I hadn't purchased the essential snacks. This time I made sure the snacks were here when she arrived.

I didn't get this posted last night because we were having too much fun playing rock band. It's been a while since we played and I have missed it. I am no musician but I can sort of do this. She plays on expert and I have remained at the medium level and as a "band" we do pretty well. However I think because of my playing last night we lost a few "fans". Have you ever played?


leaca said...

great dip. love ben and jerry's and my kids LOVE rock band.

robin bird said...

you have great hair leslye :) no i have never played. please expound if you will and how about a video on the blog to demonstrate for us.....

Relyn said...

Never played, but boy have I snacked. I love it that you make sure to have the best snacks on hand. I need to show my mom this post.


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