Saturday, November 15, 2008

long day / end of the day

This photo looks like the start of the day - all ready to "go". In actuality it is the end of a VERY long day - all I had the energy to bring in from my car (packed to the brim with boxes of festival stuff) was my purse and these tasty treats from a special friend. Elizabeth, from my blogging community, visited us today at the festival and it was definitely the highlight of the day. It was so nice to meet and talk with her face-to-face. I appreciate, so much, the fact that she took time out of her day to come by and visit. She brought us a special treat all the way from England - the fruit biscuits filled our empty stomachs after the slim breakfast we had earlier in the morning. What I found nice was that the conversation seemed so natural and easy - like we already knew each other. And I guess we really did in a way. What's neat about the blogging community is that people are pretty open and through the daily sharing online, we learn a lot about each other - sometimes sharing more online that we do with the people we are around daily. But to actually meet the person we have been "talking" to online is very special. Thank you, Elizabeth for coming by - it really was the highlight of my day.
She took some photos of me and I took a couple of her but we promised to get each others approval before posting
. / today was an interesting day but a very long and tiring day. there were a lot of eclectic people to talk with, and watch, and i enjoyed that immensely. but i'm not used to 9 hours of standing (mom forgot the chairs) so that made it tiring. i sold a good bit but what was pretty cool was that the lady whose worked i admire when i first got there came by at the end of the day and wanted to trade. i got 2 pieces i wanted. she traded for a framed print and then came back and bought another framed print. nice!
my photo clearly shows the end of the day - here i wait - almost the last one remaining - kind of alone and sad for the day to end - while mom went to get the car so we could pack up and go home.


ELK said...

I was THINKING of you all day ....wishing you well.... good weather...
sounds like you had a fun time so glad you got to "see" Elizabeth!

...blessings to you on the day of rest (I hope)

Relyn said...

So excited for you both. Hope you loved the experience and sold a lot.


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