Saturday, November 22, 2008

"drummer" / "guitarist"

We're still playing rockband - we've won back "fans"


Mod Girl said...

Thank you for commenting over at my place. I am *delighted* to have found your beautiful blog. Such a unique concept you two have. I love your eye(s) for beauty and your simplicity. Visiting your place this evening has brought fresh inspiration to me. Thanks! I've added you to my reader and look forward to viewing and ready many more posts.

Kengot said...

It is too interesting photo style.
Every things have two characters, or each other side.
I'm also drummer/guiterist, and techno music creator.

ELK said...

oh oh I wanna play ~do not have that but I can bring my real one!

have fun you two...a fan ;)murti

leaca said...

My kids love this game. I love silence. We work it out. =)

spread your wings said...

Elk, yes bring your guitar - then we could enjoy some real music.
Leaca, I love silence too but when she's here the house rocks :).


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