Sunday, November 2, 2008

finding sun / making fun

ShutterSisters posted about the lack of light in the winter months and how we each deal with it. Sarah-Ji challenged us to take photos of hearth and home during these dark and cold months ahead. I personally like the winter months - I love getting warm by the fire or snuggling in a warm blanket and reading a book with a hot cup of earl grey - but I have to admit I like the sunlight. When it's cold outside I search the sunspots in my home. There is nothing better than sitting on the sofa when the sun is beaming in and feeling that warmth all around - I guess I'm sort of like a cat moving about the day in search of a warm spot. Kodi sure has the right idea - but she's lucky because she gets to enjoy a variety of spots- high and low - in the sun all day long. I asked Taylor to respond to ShutterSisters also, so we collaborated on this post. / when the sun goes down and the night is long, just bring out a flashlight and have some fun.


leaca said...

I have been working on this very thing. I have a new camera and have to get adjusted to it all over again. IT is not one of my strengths.

ELK said...

I'm with you this is a break from heat that is the south ~

your pairing says to me
warm and wild!

My Inspired Heart said...

Love your blog here! And....YES, you may absolutely use the 2 Samuel you asked about :) So glad you stopped in to visit me...I'll definitely be back for more visits with you!


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