Thursday, January 6, 2011

expression of love

photos by Taylor

The holidays were great and now it is back to work and school. We had fun times with my family this holiday. There were big birthdays to celebrate (my younger brother turned 50 this year and the twins turned 10). Our actual gift giving didn't take place until the 28th with stockings, and presents, and hand-painted Santas, and games, and puzzles, and hot spice tea. But it was kinda cool - when everyone else was back to the usual day-to-day, we were still celebrating and enjoying the holiday. The dogs enjoyed playing with the children and visa versa, and the kitties learned to tolerate each other, I believe, even enjoy each other. The New Year was brought in with our own fireworks display and roasting marshmallows down at my campfire, fire writing, story telling and laughs and then... everyone had to head back home.
Taylor got an extended time off but I had to get back to work. And it's been, or seemed, like one of the hardest work weeks yet. Working until 1am one night and til 10 another night really threw me off - hard after having so much relaxed time at home I guess. But... while I was away working long hours the kitties slept together, Taylor took some photos of my rings for me so I could add a new listing to my shop and even cleaned the house - isn't she sweet. Now I have made it through the first week back and hope to get back in the groove real soon. I've been a bad blogger friend for way too long now. I want you to know it certainly is not personal. I appreciate all of you who continue to visit. Please don't write me off your list just yet.


Line said...

Life goes on I'm glad to get so fresh news, those cats look sweet and your daughter too!

best wishes for 2011!

ELK said...

sounds like long days of fun and family ...and ! It is hard to get back in the swing of things isnt it

Relyn said...

I liked this long, chatty update. The holidays were wonderful, but it is nice to get back to normal, isn't it? Happy, happy new year, my friend.

Jaime said...

That little heart ring is so so adorable. And I am absolutely loving my flower ring. You do beautiful work, my friend. xo


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