Monday, January 24, 2011

exciting / boring

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I received the most beautiful piece of art in the mail today. It's a Puffy Wall Heart with Birdie Love Bird and I am in love. This piece is beautifully crafted of porcelain. Now I just have to find the perfect place to hang it. Don't you just love etsy? I have to say I'm sort of addicted to shopping there. / i was pretty excited when i first got those packages from amazon. but then i remembered mom had ordered all my text books from there... not as excited anymore. but truthfully i do like my classes so far, i'm just saying this isn't exactly my idea of pleasure- reading books.


ELK said...

I agree with you BOTH!! that is a stunning heart..funny my younger daughter and I ordered books today too...makes it easy

georgia b. said...

i DO love etsy! and what a nice thing you received from it's storehouses of goods.

as for the books, i remember when i was in college... i think it is the only time i enjoyed reading. i'm not a big reader. but if a textbook was written well, i was oddly a reader that enjoyed reading! i guess that means i like to learn. but when it comes to be entertained, i'd much rather see a play or a movie. {more expensive than reading books, though... unless i check out the dvd from the library.}

Char said...

sweet and darling little bird and heart. i do love etsy.

and yes, i feel you on the amazon thing - i was excited too until i remembered i order a book for my brother. something about survival in the dessert after being captured. not my cup of tea

Jewels said...

Oh wow, put it together and you have some book love there :)

Etsy and Amazon are so awesome!

Relyn said...

Oh, Leslye, That is a stunning, stunning piece of art. Oh my! I'm off to visit the Etsy shop.


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