Tuesday, April 7, 2009

blue skies / gray skies

L - Nikon / T - Nikon, one year ago today

It was so cold today it felt more like February than April but looking at the forecast it looks as though we will have a sunny and warm weekend. I'm looking forward to it.
T's phone, it turns out, is fine but somehow the internet service didn't get hooked up so she can't send photos to me. That's got to be fixed or I'm afraid this will become a one-sided blog. Tonight I asked her to send something from one year ago. One year ago we were on spring break. We went to Hilton Head with sun bathing in mind, but the weather was chilly and not the best for enjoying the beach. So we had to think of alternative activities. We had fun rummaging thrift stores, ate out at great restaurants, took a 1 hr boat trip to Daufuskie Island and explored the island by golf cart, even went to a spa to have a massage and facial. Turned out to be one of my favorite spring break trips. We took a lot of awesome photos and just had fun being very spontaneous. Do you have a fun spring break you'd like to share? / this photo was taken on our trip to hilton head island one year ago, exactly, for spring break. however unfortunate the lack of sun was for my tan, it was nice for photographs.
we bought this wedding dress at the local salvation army on the island for twenty dollars, went to the beach on that cold and steel-gray day and shot a lot of photos. we had some onlookers but i didn't even care, it was fun. i used the tripod and remote for some of them and mom shot some - we came back with many i was happy with but, as is often the case, not until afterwards did i think of some other things i wished i had done with the shoot - wish i'd pushed a little further, know what i mean?


ELK said...

the pure white of both images is pure bliss!

the wedding dress set from last year I remember seeing on your photostream...very cool!

Gayle said...

Great shots! The wedding dress shot has sort of a mysterious feel to it. Very cool.

Char said...

I've always wanted to do a trash the dress shot - beautiful work.

I hope they resolve the internet issues soon.

Suvarna said...

I remember seeing the wedding dress shot before, it's still gorgeous and now the bride has flowers, lovely!

Miko's Girl said...

Love the wedding dress picture.

Our favorite spring break trip was to Fairy Stone State Park in VA. We had a semi-rustic cabin on a lake. The girls would get up early in the morning to chase geese at the lakeside in their jammies. We hiked, cooked meals in a tiny kitchen, and relaxed.

Shelli said...

Love these shots! Especially together. And I love the wedding dress shot. What a fun project! I know what you mean - sometimes I come away from something I've taken photos of and later think of another way I would have liked to shoot it. But this is fabulous!

Woman in a Window said...

How totally gorgeous and inspiring! Really. I want to have the motivation to follow through with some of those fun ideas. And forget the onlookers, too!


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