Thursday, April 30, 2009

reflect / transform

L - Nikon / T- phone pic

I've been reflecting a lot lately on change, aging, love, motherhood, talent, the future, the past, etc, etc and remain wordless. Honestly, I probably never will have the words. I don't have the talent for expressing myself like so many of you do. So once again - wordless. / the theme for our final project in drawing is "transformation". this college freshman is working on "spreading her wings". i had my roommate take a photo of me and along with some reference of wings i am going to create a self portrait of myself with wings.

p.s. these words from her tonight make me sad. It's strange – the closing of her freshman year almost makes me sadder than when she first went away in the fall. Why? Has anyone else had this experience with their child?


elk said...

yes ...
you will find your have both changed in this journey thru freshman is bittersweet.

it is ok not to have the words sometimes there just are none!
mom of two almost seniors...high school and college!

Beth Niquette said...

I'm about to walk on this journey you describe. All three at once. (sigh) Spreading their wings.

It is a triffle odd.

Mom of one senior and two college bound whatever they are's. (grin)

Hang in there--as my own Mum of six children once said--THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Jean M Fogle said...

I have been there, but think how fortuante you are that she has the ablility to spread her wings, so many have wings that are clipped for whatever reason

Teri said...

I am not a mom, but I have been getting my 18 year old nephew through his Sr. year of high school. He came to live with us in June of 08 and now that graduation is just 3 weeks away, I find myself sad, even grumpy.......
Thanks for the blog visit.

Char said...

your words are simple and it is good enough to say your heart is full. the love between you and your daughter is so beautiful that it doesn't need the descriptors. and both self portraits are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Atlanta and would love to get together to talk about this post. My life loosens up a small bit after May 5th and really frees up after the 18th when my stuff gets shipped off to England.

This post so speaks to may not remember the first comment I left after reading your blog for the first time...when I said I thought that you were brave... this is why I said it.

We can talk more later if you would like.

Gayle said...

I understand your sadness completely. It is the strangest thing, but I feel the same. As the school year comes to a close it feels very sad. It feels like a big reminder that time is marching on so quickly and they will never be my babies again.

Woman in a Window said...

i am stilled by both photos. me, beyond words. she is so your daughter. but in a way, you are hers as well.

SE'LAH... said...

silence sometimes say more than any word can.

beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

{{you}} You are so beautiful Momma and I especially love daughter and her wing sketches on your side.

Such a powerful combo this post.

Relyn said...

I think you are sad because endings are always sad. Especially when they clearly mark the passage of time. Each school year passed is a milestone. Those are always bittersweet, aren't they?


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