Friday, April 10, 2009

observe / watch

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I've been putting out little bits of dryer lint, string and various things for the birds to use in their nest. I think they'd like that don't you? I wish there was a place where a bird would build so that I could witness more carefully their procedure in building. Last year, my brother and his family had a great time observing a bird family - right from a big picture window they could see the nest in a gardenia bush. The twins were 7 years old. What a great learning experience for them. They got to see the mother sitting on the nest and then the eggs after they hatched and watch the mother bird feed the babies all the way until they left the nest. Have you ever had an experience similar to that? / my friend william helped me prepare my little egg plant to grow (not that it was hard or anything). we had plans to give it a name but have since postponed them until one of us has a revelation that will suit him/her perfectly. it will be fun to watch the plant inside grow day by day as the plants outside leaf out and flower. the huge tree we have right outside our dorm window has transformed before our eyes in what seems to be only days. it's crazy to think georgia weather is so erratic that it's snowing one day and seventy degrees the next.. i like my little plant, but i wish it would actually flower in it's tiny egg pot! it's only supposed to sprout ]:


Gayle said...

We had birds when my kids were little, a male and a female. They bred and then we had lots of birds. It was really cool seeing the eggs in the nest and the mom and dad taking care of the babies.

That is the cutest little egg pot! It would be so neat if it flowers still in the egg.

Georgia B. said...


you brother has twins? how cool! i am a twin.

loved the "egg plant"!

Happy Easter to you both.

Char said...

oh sweet springs posts - waiting for sprouts and baby birds.

Happy Easter to you both

Anonymous said...

This was a tender post from both of you..sweetly nurturing...very nice!

Woman in a Window said...

you put bits of dryer lint out for birds to build with. you are so fun, your take on the world so unique.

cute little button of an egg plant. may it sprout a tree!

robin bird said...

oh my goodness leslye i just laughed out loud in the sweetest way in response to your comment on my blog! i wish i could meet the "chicken whisperer" and get a baby with you and your brother. they are bound to be special :) "chicken stimulus package" :)

the bird nest makes me happy and sad. we have many birds who want to nest here but i swear the cats are attracted for miles and they literally drive them out from the garden. i actually see the birds pretend to make a nest in one place only to be actually doing it somewhere else. my saddest and happiest nature story ever is about a baby bird who came to land in the palm of my hand as it fell from it's nest. only to be snatched away within minutes by a horrible yellow cat. i could have died of shock and despair on the spot that day. but i remind myself of the suffering of humans and animals alike and know it is important for me to be stoic to a large degree in order to be a part of this crazy world. i know, i know, probably not a good story to tell while you are off getting a new baby :)

your sweetness as well and taylor's shines in this post :)

ELK said...

birds and nests eggs and plants
such a crative space here~

my mom wrote and illustrated a picture story for my girls when they were very young about a nest outside their door is here some where...


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