Monday, April 20, 2009

fresh flowers / fresh new book

L - Nikon / T - Nikon

I sure enjoy coming home and there still being a couple of daylight hours left. I like walking around the yard in the late afternoon sun, watching the birds and seeing what flowers I can cut and bring in. That's one thing I love about this time of year - being able to have fresh flowers on the table. The spring blossoms are on their way out and I want to enjoy them as long as possible, so tonight I cut snowball viburnum and coral azaleas blossoms to put in my vase. They won't be suitable for cutting next week I'm sure, but new flowers, like the hydrangeas, will be on their way soon. / i'd had this book, "the effects of light", for a very long time and had started reading it over a year ago, but i picked it up again over spring break and enjoyed reading it when i came back to school. one line that really stuck out to me was when one of the characters who is talking about her father, an art historian, and says, "i think just about every artist who ever lived is making art for one reason: to show what it's like to be alive, what it's like to be really here." it's neat to think about art in that way, the common aim with so many different styles and genres of art but a binding force between all artists.
now it's time to start a fresh new book.


Char said...

I agree about fresh flowers - I'm enjoying the queen anne's lace I found yesterday. and to crack the spine on a new book (or new to me) - heaven.

Claire said...

i too love the tradition of putting fresh flowers in the home.

the quote certainly encapsulates what art truly means.

Miko's Girl said...

I love to have fresh flowers from my yard in my house as well.

Georgia B. said...


Christina said...

i love fresh flowers. this picture is just dreamy. i am adding the book to my list. : )

jelb said...

Nice compositions and colours..Well done DOF..Bravo!

kath said...

Still too early for fresh cut flowers, but a bouquet brought home by my husband last night has made me feel better. Soon though, my cutting garden is being carefully plotted and planned.

Suvarna said...

Nothing beats a vase full of fresh flowers, especially when they come from your own garden.

I love that quote, what a perfect description of what makes us do what we do.

Anonymous said...

Oh love the pops of red in both pics. I've been doing the same thing too...cutting flowers from the garden and putting them in every room of the house.
Yay for Spring!!

hydrangeas are my favorite so I'm secretly waiting for them too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your photos. So fresh and cheery.


Gayle said...

Love these photos together!

Relyn said...

T - I gotta hear about your book. Tell me more. What a fantastic title. Plus - I WANT a big version of your purse!

Luella said...

Love fresh flowers!! I just love to decorate my living room area with fresh flowers!!


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